The Isle of Wight Community Club Football Captain Gives Some Useful Tips

At the Isle of Wight Community Club, we have two football pitches that our members can make use of to enjoy a game of football with their mates. Even if you are not a member of our club, you can still rent them out from us, and at just £20 per hour, we believe that it is great value for your money. We have our own team that compete in competitions around the UK, and we are always looking for new players. Below the team’s captain, Robert Trump (no relation to Donald), gives some valuable tips on how to become a better footballer.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order to become a great footballer, you need to have a fantastic first touch. Being able to control the ball with both of your feet will make a huge difference to your game. Your first touch is something that dictates what your next move will be – if it is rubbish, everyone who is watching will groan in unison and wonder why you are even playing.

How can you practice your first touch? Well, you can throw a ball up as high in the air as possible and then bring it under control with your right and left foot. You can also kick a ball against the wall and practice stopping it dead when it rebounds back to you. If you keep practicing, you will soon have a first touch like a professional footballer.

Improve Your Weaker Foot

One way to improve your footballing ability is to become confident with your weaker foot, something that plenty of professionals out there are not comfortable with. Being able to use both of your feet equally as well is something that will separate you from the average players. Once again, something as easy as kicking a ball against a wall and controlling it with your weaker foot can be highly beneficial. You can also set up a target, like a bucket, and practice hitting the ball at it with your weaker foot.

Improve Your Fitness Levels

You can have two great feet and the best control in the world, but if your fitness levels are rubbish, then it means nothing. Nowadays, football is played at a great pace, so having good fitness levels early on in your footballing career will help you last the full 90 minutes. If you can only last 45 minutes, then there is a really good chance that you will not even get picked for your team.

To improve your fitness levels, you should think about doing some interval training – you will run for up to thirty seconds and then jog for thirty seconds. Repeat this about five times a day, and your fitness levels will improve relatively quickly.

Be Strict with Your Diet

Keeping an eye on what you are drinking and eating will be hugely beneficial for you. All professional football clubs have a trained nutritionist to give the players advice on what to eat and drink so that they remain in the best shape possible.

However, non-professional teams obviously do not have the money for a nutritionist, so it will be up to you to ensure that what you consume is correct. Being strict will get you great shape if you train hard as well, but you can treat yourself to a cheat meal every now and then.

So, what exactly should you eat and drink? Well, proteins and carbs are vital for your diet as these will give you the energy that your body needs. Having a small bowl of pasta before a match is a great way to get that slow releasing energy that you need, while meat such as beef, salmon, or chicken are high in protein. Vegetables are also crucial too, so if you do not like them, you should learn just to live with them.

Robert really hopes that these tips of his will help you out greatly, and he is looking forward to seeing you down at the club for a game of football. If you get good enough, you might even find yourself being asked to join the football team.

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