These 4 Tips Will Help You Become a Much Better Darts Player

If you have taken a good look at the homepage (if not, then you definitely should), then you will know that the Isle of Wight Community Club has a darts team that is always on the lookout for new players to sign up. So, if you are interested in joining our darts team, head on down to the club on a Friday and have a chat with the team captain, Peter Malone. Below he has given you some tips that will improve your dart throwing skills.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stock Connection/REX (2323234a) Dartboard bullseye. VARIOUS

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

No matter what you are trying to improve at, practicing is the best way to get better. If you want to get better at darts, then the best way to do this and reach your goal is to practice constantly. However, the training should always have a purpose. Just standing there and throwing hundreds of darts at the board with no aim is a huge waste of energy and time.  For example, you should aim for triple 20 one hundred times – systematically aiming for the harder scores will improve your accuracy. You can then practice hitting all the doubles or aiming just for the even numbers. You can even give yourself a handicap by limiting the number of darts that you throw.

Hold Still

A mistake that many darts players make is that they lose awareness of what the rest of their body is doing during the throw. If you want to get better at darts, you simply have to make sure that you do not do this. You need to be aware of your whole body throughout the throw – from the moment you stand at the oche until the moment the dart has been released from your hand. Your body should not be swaying or bouncing, and your breathing has to be controlled and steady. Over a period of time, you will get more control over your whole body, meaning you can then focus on the small mechanical details, and you will see your averages improve.

Conquer Your Mind

Darts is a mind game as well as a game that requires skill. This is an aspect that many people often overlook. In order to get better at darts, you have to improve your concentration, confidence, and focus. The Internet is a great source of different methods that can help to improve our mental integrity. Some things that you should think about doing include breathing exercises, meditation, and even reading a book. Adopting such habits will improve your darts game as well as other important aspects of your life. Those players who are mentally strong are the ones that are going to win more games than they lose.

Perfect Your Stance

The mechanics and physics behind throwing darts tells us that it is vital for the body to remain still when you are releasing your dart. Only your arm, forearm, and wrist should move to make sure that your dart follows an accurate path through the air. Thus, if you want to take your game to the next level, you need to perfect your stance. You should have a relaxed and comfortable stance, one that allows you to throw darts many times with feeling fatigued. There are many different stances that are accepted, but each player needs to find out what stance works best for them and stick to it.

Peter hopes that these tips will help you improve your game, and he looks forward to seeing you down at the club to enjoy some darts. You never know, you might just find yourself being invited to join the team, meaning you can travel to different parts of the UK to compete in dart competitions.

What to Do When You Want to Play Darts but Don’t Feel Like Going Out

Sometimes you might have a darts urge but might not actually feel like heading out of the house to go and get some practice in at our club. If you have your own dart board, then then that is great because you can practice whenever you feel like it, but what if you do not have your own dart board where you can satisfy your dart playing urge? Well, in that case, you can consider signing up to an online casino as they are many great games where you can play darts and win some money at the same time. What is not to like about that?

Some of the best games out there at this moment in time include Dart Heroes by Stakelogic and Double Top Darts by Inspired Gaming. Both of these fun games will give you a chance to win some decent sums of money. If you do decide to register with an online casino so that you can play some dart-themed games, please always gamble responsibly. If you stop having fun, stop playing, and remember to always set yourself a budget and stick to it religiously.