Six Tips to Keep in Mind When You Are Ballroom Dancing

If you have read our homepage then you will know that we host ballroom dancing lessons every Sunday at 7pm. If this is something that you would be interested in getting into, then you are more than welcome to pop down to the club and give it a go – what is the worst that can happen? Below we have provided you with some great tips that will definitely help you out when you are doing some ballroom dancing.

Maintain Your posture

The best way for a man to check if his posture is right is to stand with his back against the wall and then use this straight alignment when on the dance floor. Dance teachers like to talk about the Front Line, Top Line, and Medline and dance partners with great posture on the dance floor will look ten times more elegant than those with poor posture.

Learn where Your Head Has to Go

Generally, the man will be looking over the right shoulder of woman, and she will be looking over his right. The general rule of thumb is that the nose needs to follow the toes. For example, when moving to promenade position, the woman will turn her head to the right which is the same direction that her feet should be moving.

Maintain Frame and Connection

Connection, timing, and frame are all important elements for good following and leading. If they are absent, then you will find it hard to lead or follow. In fact, it will basically be impossible. You should keep the tone in your arms, and you should stay connected at all points of connection. If you maintain your frame, then it becomes very easy to lead turns.

Dance to the Music

Dancing in rhythm to the music is very important. There are plenty of websites and videos on YouTube that demonstrate and explain how to time your steps perfectly with the music. We recommend that you listen to ballroom music quite regularly so that finding the right rhythm will become second nature to you.

Do Not Stutter Step

Quality dancers dance with confident and long strides, not with tentative stuttering steps. A common fear that people have is stepping on their partner’s toes, but if you are thinking about this when you are dancing you are just going to look stunted and awkward to anyone that is watching. If you have a proper stepping action and body alignment, then stepping on your partner’s toes is something that will never happen, no matter how clumsy you think you are. 

Lead Turns with the Pin and Cup System

When leading turns and spins, a pin and cup hand connection is the best technique that you can use. With this system, the woman cups her hand and leaves a space for the man’s pin that he creates with two fingers pointing vertically and down. This ensures that it is easy to turn and spin and that connection is not lost when you are transitioning. Do not worry if this sounds a bit complex to you at the moment as our teachers will show you how to do it properly when you come to your first lesson.

What to Do When There Are No Dance Lessons

At the current moment in time we only have ballroom dance lessons on a Sunday, but we are actually trying to create a slot for it on Wednesday evening as well. We also have a tea dance session every Tuesday, that you are more than welcome to attend.

However, if you get an urge to dance on the days where we do not have any lessons for you to attend, then there is another way that you can get your dance fix and some good entertainment, and that is by signing up with an online casino. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a gambler, then you will be glad to find out that there are plenty of online slots out there that have a dance theme, and will get you dancing around your living room. Some of the best dance-themed slots include Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt, Karaoke Party by Microgaming, and Dance Party by Pragmatic Play. 

If you do decide to join an online casino, then please remember to always gamble responsibly. You should always set yourself a budget and stick to it, no matter what. Never tell yourself that it is okay to go a bit over your budget because before you know it, you will have spent double of what you can afford.