Sum-up of the possibilities at the Isle of Wight Community Club

There is a saying that “entertainment speaks one language.” This is very true as entertainment speaks the language of fun. This is why entertaining activities like music, singing, dancing and sporting activities are accepted all over the world.

Here in the UK, we love good entertainment. This is the reason behind the establishment of the Isle of Wight Community Club. Read on t find out more about it. 

Isle of Wight Community Club

The Isle of Wight Community Club is a club whose members are like-minded people who are looking to share a passion for social activities, sports and events.

The club was founded in 2006 and has since grown in strength since then. It provides members and residents with the best facilities on the unique island. We will be discussing those facilities next.

Club Facilities

Isle of Wight Community Club has facilities for almost every entertaining activity. We will be looking at some of such facilities in this subheading.

Indeed, this club offers one of the best indoor bowling greens in the country as well as the best outdoor bowling greens too. Besides the greens, Isle of Wight Community Club also provides experienced coaches that can help teach you if you want to learn how to bowl. The UK is popular for soccer and Isle of Wight community club knows that. This is why our club offers two football pitches.

This Isle also has a bar that doubles as a spectator stand. You can always relax, cool off and recuperate there with various affordable refreshments. In addition, this club has a local pool league where members are encouraged to participate in and show their potting skills. The dart team is always looking for new players to join them. They are always meeting up to play at the club on Fridays.

More Information About the Club

There is more to Isle Wight Community Club than sporting events. As earlier mentioned, the club provides all-around entertainment. In fact, it is home to a group of amateur dramatics. They always come to perform at the club. As something to look forward too, they perform a murder mystery show every May and a Panto every November.

Every Monday, our bingo night thrills you with fun, laughter and amazing prizes. Isle of Wight Community club also partners with a number of online casinos. These online casinos are casinos that do not require you to be there physically to play. They also offer you free spins with which you can use to win real time money.

You can also take advantage of our tea dance Tuesday to shake your hips and move your feet. There is a ballroom open on Sundays from 7 pm just in case the Tuesday fun is not enough for you. For the advanced members of the clubs, there is a meeting and catch up every Wednesday.

The Isle of Wight Community club also offers car parking services, lunch, coffee, drinks and dinner. We also take bookings for groups or parties, children and offer other catering services. We are open from noon every day and the staff always looks forward to seeing the residents of Isle of Wight.